A-game hospitality – give your visitors the experience they deserve

Give your visitors the ultimate hospitality experience, making sure they leave your company with a big smile. Make them feel welcome and carefree when it comes to their visit. How? By enabling your staff to provide the ultimate visitor experience with automated, advanced hospitality workflows – taking visitor management up a few notches!

You only have one shot at making a good first impression. That’s why the whole visitor journey matters – from a phone call, toilet visit, email to parking. Ensure people leave your company with a positive brand experience.

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Ultimate visitor experience

How do you make a visitor feel welcome? It all starts with sending them the right information for their visit – like date, time, address, directions, who is your host, Wi-Fi password, etc. – fully automated. This includes auto notifications to the reception. But it doesn’t stop there! Your visitor probably also needs a parking space, which will be automatically reserved when an employee registers a visitor. When the visitor arrives at your parking garage, license plate cameras recognize the visitor’s plate number and the barrier opens automatically. Once arrived at the reception, the receptionist greets visitors by their name – or maybe their name already appears on a screen at the reception desk: “Welcome to App4mation, Jane”. The receptionist hands the visitor his/her personal badge, which was already automatically generated at registration, and s/he calls the visitor’s contact person to pick him/her up.


First-class housekeeping

Clean and working facilities play an important role in hospitality. A visitor might have had a royal treatment, but if s/he uses the toilet and finds it in a horrible state, they will not leave your company with a smile. Prevent complaints or bad experiences with advanced task and maintenance planning and measurement. Analyze the data to prevent recurrence of bad experiences and work with feedback screens in your toilets, for example. If a visitor clicks the sad smiley, a task is automatically generated and sent to the cleaning agency.

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Seamless catering services

When employees are hosting a meeting with visitors that includes lunch or drinks, they can easily order catering when they reserve a meeting room via Outlook. If they need to reschedule, their catering reservation will move with them. No need to adapt or change anything! Once an employee requests catering, tasks will be automatically generated for the caterers, and costs will be automatically allocated to the right cost center. In case your caterer or company works with vouchers for visitors, a catering voucher is automatically requested at visitor registration.

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Key benefits

Monitor and optimize visitor management workflows
Improve catering order processes
Keep your facilities clean and in working order
Automate workflows to enhance hospitality

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