Take your Facility Management to the next level

Dreaming of a facility service desk that runs like clockwork? Thanks to easy case prioritization, self-service and joint case handling, your service desk will handle questions, complaints and requests like never before. Data monitoring provides you with valuable insights, like case handling time, paving the way for continuous improvement. Forget about Excel, shared mailboxes or other solutions, and start benefitting from full case overview, status monitoring and history for effective Facility Management.

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Facility Management

Monitor, improve and engage

An extensive reporting and dashboard functionality provide you the insights you need. Not only managers, but facility staff too have access to endless data filters and overviews. You can even export lists with unsolved cases from ServiceNow to inform the end-user proactively – creating a high level of employee engagement.

Facility Management

Smooth ticket handling

Incoming questions, complaints or request tickets are automatically prioritized, sorted per type or category and assigned to the right person – improving your ticket handling immensely. Using a system like ServiceNow for ticket handling opposed to Excel or shared inboxes battles incomplete requests and eliminates the need to search for the right information. Information from past/existing tickets is reused to prefill fields, like personal or item details. You can even add a survey to each ticket for service optimization. Your staff can also collaborate much more efficiently on cases. Save staff and employees’ time and effort, reducing your ticket handling volume and time.

Screen laptop interface
Screen laptop interface
Facility Management

Automatically generate tasks/work orders

Efficiently manage and monitor the tasks/work orders linked to your tickets. Enjoy the use of templates that will automatically generate tasks based on a scenario, like close a work order when all tasks are done. Easy integration with third party systems makes sure you can assign tasks to external supplies from a single system. Enjoy a transparent, seamless process with less manual tasks and human errors.

Facility Management

Make sure you meet your SLAs

Managing your Service Level Agreements was never this easy. Quickly see the status of SLAs, contractual agreements and whether you’ve met them. Easily browse your history and receive push notifications when you’re not on par with an SLA. This will improve collaboration and save you costs at the same time. Our solution even helps you to focus on the most important Facility Management SLAs and allows you to track progress via reporting.

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Thanks to the ServiceNow platform, you can easily convert your facility cases into IT tickets – greatly improving collaboration between IT and Facility Management
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Facility Management

Key benefits

Engage end-users
Powerful reporting functionality
Improve ticket handling
Prefilled data fields save time and effort
Supplier integration
Easily manage SLAs
Auto task/work order generation

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