Flexible workplace

Flexible workplace

It is hard to imagine a flexible workplace without hot-desking. But what if employees want to reserve a quiet spot in the office because they need to focus? Or if they really need to be close to their coworkers to work on a project but all desks are always taken? With 4Facility, employees can easily reserve hot desks. Empower your employees to work the way they want and improve their hot-desking experience.

Flexible workplace

Take away hot desk frustrations

The same way employees can book a room in 4Facility, they can book a hot desk too – through their mobile phones, the portal, Outlook or the DeskNow device. They can book it for a day or a certain time slot. It allows them to secure their spot in the office, offering peace of mind, and prevents them from having to search for an available hot desk – or that they have to conclude they cannot sit at a proper desk with a 2nd monitor whilst they really needed that today. Prevent frustrated and disappointed employees thanks to an improved hot-desking experience.

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Screen laptop interface
Workspace planning interface
Flexible workplace

DeskNow device

When you equip workplaces with our smart desk booking device called DeskNow, employees can instantly see whether the workplace is reserved or not, including upcoming reservations. When it’s time for employees to claim their desk, they can check in by swiping their mobile phone, company tag, smartwatch, or any device that contains an NFC tag. The DeskNow device also battles no-shows through check-in expiration, so you can optimize hot desk utilization.

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Flexible workplace

Voice control

Is the hot desk dirty or the monitor broken? No problem. Thanks to voice control, employees can control the DeskNow device through speech. By pressing the microphone button, they can tell the device that they want their desk cleaned or the monitor fixed. The system will automatically create a workplace cleaning or repair request and send it out to the relevant service supplier.

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Analytics screen laptop interface
Analytics screen laptop interface
Flexible workplace

Monitor and improve

4Facility registers all details related to hot desk reservations. The extensive Reporting functionality allows you to gain valuable insights into hot desk usage. Analyze hot desk reservation behavior and take actions to improve the flexible workplace experience even more.

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“We have equipped several groups of hot desks on different floors with the DeskNow devices. Our employees love the concept of reserving their hot desk in advance, so they use it all the time.”
4Facility customer


Planning icon

Floor plan

Reserve a hot desk via the floor plan

Time icon


View hot desk availability

nfc icon


Check in with a smartwatch, mobile phone or company tag via NFC

Analytics icon


Analyze hot desk reservation behavior for optimization purposes

Led icon

LED light

Instantly view hot desk availability from a distance

Voice icon

Voice control

Request cleaning or IT support services through speech

Flexible workspace

Key benefits

Enable easy workplace reservation
Improve space utilization
Enable employees to make multi-desk reservations for team collaboration
Check-in expiration ensures optimal hot desk utilization
Keep workplaces clean and in working order
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