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Consumer-style experiences haven’t made it to the workplace yet

Meeting rooms that are fully booked, yet in practice only half are actually used. A notification of a dirty meeting room that doesn’t receive a direct response, so that users themselves tidy up the room. Users who have access to a helpdesk, but who have little actual control over their own environment.

Situations as above are all too familiar to employees in most organizations. Users are distracted from their work trying to book apparently over-full rooms, finding out how to get a room cleaned (or ending up doing it themselves), or frustrated because the heating in their room cannot be turned down. The costs of such hiccups in service delivery are huge measured in loss in effective work time, but the costs in terms of disgruntled and frustrated employees is even higher.

What we see is that facility management is often still ‘stuck’ in the traditional way of doing things, with new technologies – including mobile – being used as an effective way to distribute work and cut back the paper workflow. Such an approach is all about improving the processes, not the employee experience. Yet, we live in a world where people can get immediate access to information, with which to manage their lives. Using their smart phone, they book a hotel or flight, purchase a book, plan a holiday: all in the bat of an eye. But when they get to the office, employees find that booking a room or turning the heat down is anybody’s challenge and costing them precious working time. Often users are simply even at a loss where to turn to in order to get the easiest of things done.

Make systems work for you, not against you

Typically, facility management is an amalgam of different systems that are used to manage the help desk, schedule and check cleaning, track equipment, book rooms and order catering. Instead of providing facility services that are divided and managed under different systems, it is time to break down siloes and harness technology to build a connected system that delivers a seamless employee experience. This includes providing employees with solutions that work on their smart devices and that give them control over their experience and the ability to interact – giving and receiving feedback on that same device.

Don’t take the process perspective, but the people perspective

First and foremost, though, it is essential that it is clear which issues need to be resolved for facility service users and what the quantifiable benefits are of solving a problem. Often, current systems and situations are used as a starting point for discussions to transform, design and implement new digital solutions. However, to truly unleash the potential for efficiencies and boost the employee experience, it is essential to pinpoint key and impacting moments in the employee journey. By designing solutions based on current and looked-for employee experience, great opportunities arise to deliver real value when and where it is needed.

Transforming facility management in such a way not only brings cost savings, it helps put in place a great employee experience that creates value in this digital era. According to research conducted by MIT Sloan Center of Information Research (CISR), the companies who belong to the best 25% based on employee experience, saw customer satisfaction grow twofold and were 25% more profitable than their competitors. They conclude that companies with great employee experience outperform competitors on innovation, customer satisfaction, and profitability. They believe that traditional command-and-control organizational structures are not effective in this rapidly changing world.

Making technologies work in service to the employee

Next to pinpointing key moments in the employee experience, it is essential to provide employees with easy access to the service they need through a consumer-like platform. The many applications and systems that support your facilities are of no interest to users. They don’t want to have to access different systems to book a room, order catering, or change a reservation. What they want is to have at hand a single portal where they can find all the information and services they need, solve problems and manage all their work needs. Basically, employees don’t care about where they get their service or from whom, they care that they get it and that it is up to their expectations.

Empower your employees with ServiceNow

As ways of working are increasingly more agile and flexible, so is the demand for intelligent solutions. Facility management is set to change from cost-driven to employee experience driven and become a hub for services that interact smoothly to create the perfect employee experience. Employing ServiceNow provides you with a toolset to turn your employee experience into a consumer-like one, that empowers employees with insights, knowledge and self-service.

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