Let us introduce ourselves

We believe that the Technology and Apps used in the world of work should be as easy to use as the Apps we use in our consumer life. To do a simple task, why do most of today’s Business Applications require us to navigate several complex screens, presenting an overload of irrelevant information? 


What we value

App4mation is all about using innovative technologies to change this status quo and ensure work technology becomes enjoyable to use. Fulfilling our mission is only possible when everyone involved in developing and supporting our Solutions is willing to commit their full potential. This kind of commitment becomes reality when people genuinely love what they are doing. Our culture is all about having fun, learning from each other and our joined passion to make technology work for the people that use it.

We love to build cool things!

In order to deliver innovative and high quality solutions for our clients, we need to explore the technical boundaries of the technologies we want to work with. Knowing what is possible and impossible, allows us to make decisions to select technologies that are reliable and bring most value to our customers. Although experimentation is an integral part of what we do, we commit to bigger innovative themes during our yearly Hackathon. And besides this, it’s just fun :).

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To make our yearly hackathon as memorable as possible, we join forces with the consultants and developers of our sister-company Plat4mation. They bring real-life customer cases and a healthy party mentality. Our collaboration with Plat4mation has led to award winning products, such as an intelligent Room reservation application.