Transform Facility Workflows

Create the ultimate space experience for people with 4Facility, a multi-channel, mobile-enabled facility management solution on the ServiceNow platform. Thanks to smart and automated facility workflows, you can take your company hospitality to the next level, improving your employee, facility staff and visitor experience.

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Best way to book a meeting room

Make it easy for employees to book meeting rooms, register visitors and request for catering/IT support in a single flow via Outlook or a mobile device. Battle no-shows with check-in expiration on BookNow, our meeting room booking system, freeing up valuable meeting space.

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The hidden cost of meeting organization
Read how much a meeting organization actually costs and how we can help
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Enhance the visitor experience

Make your visitors feel welcome, with little to no effort! Thanks to smart and automated workflows and extensive integration capabilities, your visitors get a true royal treatment – from license plate recognition providing instant access to the car park to the receptionist greeting visitors by name.

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Ultimate workplace experience

Empower employees to work the way they want by enabling them to easily reserve a hot desk via Outlook or their mobile phones, taking away the number one hot desk frustration. Is the hot desk dirty? No worries. The employee can tell the DeskNow device that they want it cleaned. Thanks to voice control, housekeeping is automatically notified.

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Effective Asset Management

Work more efficiently by keeping track of your assets from a single overview, like keys, chairs, coffee machines and HVAC equipment. View asset status, incidents and (un)mark items as reservable. Instant access to vendor information, like support groups, lease contracts, expiry dates and maintenance schedules, enable you to easily manage vendor contracts.

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Measure is the magic word

Thanks to ServiceNow, you have overview and insight into facility management data for management reporting – allowing you to make informed decisions about meeting room, desk and item utilization, cost allocation and much more.

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Key benefits

Mobile-ready – Android and iOS
Outlook integration
Professionalize and consolidate facility services
Optimize space utilization
Improve space experiences
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The hidden cost of meeting organization

We all know from personal experience how difficult it can be to arrange a proper meeting. It requires orchestration of 5 things – people, space, technology, amenities and catering, each typically organized by employees through more than 6 different systems or channels (e-mail, phone, intranet, face-to-face, chat, etc.). Meeting rooms always appear empty when you walk by, but when you need to actually book one, they’re not available.

February 6, 2020
Annemarie Sint Jago
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3 trends in facility management - and how to deal with them

In the past years, developments in facility management have shown a strong tendency of professionalization and clustering of services. This has brought both challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, clustering of services requires seamless communication between all stakeholders involved, while on the other, it offers the possibility to take facility management to the next level.

December 3, 2019
Luc Raeskin
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